Klaus Wennemann as "Kriechbaum" in Das Boot (1981):
[to Werner] The Mediterranean. They're fools. It's perfect prospects for drowning.
Taffey Lewis
Taffey Lewis
Actor: Hy Pyke (age 46 in this movie)
Taffey Lewis's Memorable Quotes:
Rick Deckard
Taffey Lewis

[flashes badge]

I'd like to ask you a few questions.Blow.You ever buy snakes from the Egyptian, Taffey?All the time, "pal".

[flashes picture of Zhora]

You ever see this girl, huh?Never seen her. Buzz off!Your licenses in order, pal?[to bartender] Hey Louie, the man is dry. Give him one on the house, OK?

[to Deckard] See ya!

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