Cody Nicholson
Tom Sizemore as "Cody Nicholson" in True Romance (1993):
You're an actor. Act, motherfucker.
Emil Muzz
Emil Muzz
Actor: Jack O'Halloran (age 44 in this movie)
Emil Muzz's Memorable Quotes:
Det. Pep Streebek
Emil Muzz

[while interrogating Muzz and getting no-where]

Joe, I could use some coffee.

[turns to Muzz]

You want anything?[defiantly] Chewing gum... Snickers bar... and my attorney, badge kisser!

[Friday leaves Muzz alone with Streebeck]

Well... it's just you... and me... *your balls*...

[pulls open a desk drawer]

and this drawer!

[slams it shut]

Sgt. Joe Friday
Emil Muzz
Det. Pep Streebek
Alright, let's run through it again. You say you're a Pagan, but we caught you working for Jerry Caeser. That makes you a plant in my book. Why don't you just make it easy on yourself and lead us to the stolen magazines?

[Giving the finger to Friday]

Jump on this and spin, cop! I'm not saying another word until my attourney gets here!Say Joe, wouldn't a couple of danishes go great with this coffee right now?

[as he says this, he opens the drawer he used on Muzz earlier, and Muzz looks horrified]

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