Robert Picardo as "Wak" in Explorers (1985):
Way to go, stupid!
Alfred Pennyworth
Alfred Pennyworth
Actor: Michael Gough (age 72 in this movie)
Alfred Pennyworth's Memorable Quotes:
Alfred Pennyworth
I have no wish to fill my few remaining years grieving for the loss of old friends. Or their sons.
Alfred Pennyworth
Vicki Vale
[Last lines]I thought champagne would be in order, ma'am.Hi, Alfred.Mr. Wayne told me to tell you that he might be a little late.I'm not a bit surprised.
Alfred Pennyworth
Bruce Wayne
Miss Vale called again. Dare I suggest that your present course of action might simply strengthen her resolve. She is quite tenacious.You're right about that.And if I may say so, quite special. Perhaps you could try telling her the truth.
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