Doc Holliday
Val Kilmer as "Doc Holliday" in Tombstone (1993):
It's true, you are a good woman. Then again, you may be the antichrist.
District Attorney Harvey Dent
District Attorney Harvey Dent
Actor: Billy Dee Williams (age 52 in this movie)
District Attorney Harvey Dent's Memorable Quotes:
District Attorney Harvey Dent
Police Commissioner Gordon
We've received a letter from Batman this morning. 'Please inform the citizens of Gotham that Gotham City has earned a rest from crime. But if the forces of evil should rise again, to cast a shadow on the heart of the city, call me.'[1548]:Question. How do we call him?He gave us a signal.

[Commissioner Gordon activates the Bat Signal]

Alexander Knox
District Attorney Harvey Dent
Mr. Dent, I love that tie. We were discussing the pros and cons of winged vigilantes. What's your stand?Mr. Knox, we have enough problems in this city without worrying about ghosts or goblins.Pardon me, but that's not a denial.
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