Jon Voight as "Nate" in Heat (1995):
So, so long, brother. You take it easy. You're home free.
Morris Kessler
Morris Kessler
Actor: Chuck Low (age 52 in this movie)
Morris Kessler's Memorable Quotes:
Morris Kessler
Henry Hill
James Conway
Henry, you're a good kid, I've been good to you, you've been good to me. But there's something really unreasonable going on here. Jimmy's being an unconsionable ball-breaker. I never agreed to 3 points on top of the vig! Am I something special? Some sort of schmuck on wheels?Morrie, please! You borrowed Jimmy's money, pay him.I never agreed to 3 points on top of the vig! What am I, fuckin nuts? Come on!Are you gonna argue with Jimmy Conway? Just give him his money so we can get the fuck outta here!Hey! Fuck 'em! Fuck 'em in the ear! What are you talking about? Fuck 'em in the other ear, that son of a bitch! Did I ever bust his balls? Did I? Did I? I could've jumped the dime a million times, and I wouldn't have to pay tip!Come on, Morrie, you're talking crazy, stop it!

[Grabs telephone cord and chokes Morrie with it, then his wig falls off and Henry starts laughing]

You got money for that fuckin commercial. Fuckin' commercial, you don't got my money, you don't got my fuckin money, huh?Jimmy, he'll pay, he'll pay.I'll fuckin kill you, get the money, you fuckin' cocksucker, you hear me?

[Phone rings]

Pay me my money.Hello? Who's this? He's here.

[Gives phone to Henry]

Jimmy, I'm sorry.Yeah? You should be sorry. Don't fuckin do it again and give me the money. Give me the fuckin money, You hear me? You hear me, I gotta come here and you bust my balls? Give me the fuckin money.OK, OK, OK. I'll pay you kid.
Morris Kessler
What am I? A schmuck on wheels?
Morris Kessler

[on Morrie's wig commercial]

Don't buy wigs that come off at the wrong time.
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