Ginger McKenna
Sharon Stone as "Ginger McKenna" in Casino (1995):
Take care Steve, take chances and drive fast.
Police Detective
Police Detective
Actor: Steve Forleo
Police Detective's Memorable Quotes:
Police Detective
[to Henry] Talk to me, when was the last time you took a collar? Hey fuckhead, I'm talking to you. You don't wanna say a fucking word to me, you don't have to. I don't really give a fuck. Twenty five years, pal, that's what you're looking at.
Police Detective
[to Henry] Hey, your pals are here. You don't want to talk to me, you're gonna have a fucking problem all night 'cause I'll be on you like shit. New York State. Twenty five fucking years, pal.

[the detectives bring in the utensils Henry used to make coke]

What, were you guys grocery shopping? What, are we going to make a cake? Gonna make a fucking cake? Got anything good in there or what?

[a detective tastes the residue in a pan]

Is it good?

[detective nods; to Henry]

Ha ha ha ha. Bye bye, dickhead. Ha ha ha. See you in Attica, dick.
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