Kiefer Sutherland as "David" in The Lost Boys (1987):
Initiation's over, Michael. Time to join the club!
Actor: Charles Scorsese (age 77 in this movie)
Vinnie's Memorable Quotes:
James Conway
Henry Hill
Yeah.Yeah.Who's this?This is Vinnie.Vinnie, what happened?Well we-...You get it straightened out?No, we had a problem... and uh, we tried to do everything we could.What d'you mean?Well, you what I mean. He's gone, and we couldn't do nothing about it.


That's it.What d'you mean? What d'you mean? Uh...He's gone. Uh, he's gone.


And that's it.[smashing telephone] Fuck. Can't fuckin' believe that, can't fuckin'...[crying] Fuck it, fuck... the fuck...

[Henry exits diner]

What happened?They whacked him. They fuckin' whacked him.Aw, fuck.

[Jimmy kicks phone booth]


[pushes over phone booth]

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