Lance B. Johnson
Sam Bottoms as "Lance B. Johnson" in Apocalypse Now (1979):
Disneyland? Fuck, man, this is better than Disneyland!
Carlito's Way (1993)
Carlito's Way (1993) 18
Carlito's Way - Theatrical release poster
Theatrical release poster
Tagline: Once you're in, there's no way out.
Genres: Crime | Drama | Gangster | Thriller
Released: 10 November 1993 (USA)
Length: 144 min
Rating: 8 out of 10 8 /10
  • Brian De Palma and Al Pacino teaming up again after Scarface, doing what they do best, making damn cool Gangster films!
From the director of Scarface comes the critically acclaimed crime thriller Carlito's Way. Oscar® winner Al Pacino gives on electrifying performance as former drug kingpin Carlito Brigante, who is sprung from prison by his high-powered attorney (Academy Award® winner Sean Penn). He stuns the New York underworld by vowing to go straight from a history of violence, but his plans are undermined by misguided loyalties and an outmoded code of honor. In a life-or-death battle, Carlito takes on the relentless forces that refuse to let him go. Co-starring John Leguizamo and Luis Guzman, Carlito's Way is a powerful, action-packed ride all the way to its explosive conclusion.
I'm reloaded! Okay? Come on in here, you motherfuckers! Come on, I'm waitin' for ya! What, you ain't comin' in? Okay, I'm comin' out! Oh, you up against me now, motherfuckers! I'm gonna blow your fuckin' brains out! You think you're big time? You gonna fuckin' die big time! You ready? HERE COMES THE PAIN!
You a gangster now. You can't learn it at school... you can't have a late start.
If I ever, I mean if I ever see you here again, you die.

[Snaps fingers]

Just like that.
It's who I am Gail, it's what I am. Right or wrong, I can't change that.
Benny Blanco
I don't know, but there may be some mis-fuckin'-understanding, I don't know man, but maybe you don't remember me, my name is Benny Blanco...Maybe I don't give a shit. Maybe I don't remember the last time I blew my nose either. Who the fuck are you, I should remember you? What, you think you like me? You ain't like me motherfucker. You a punk. I've been with made people, connected people. Who you been with? Chain-snatching, jive-ass, maricon motherfuckers. Why don't you get lost? Go a head, snatch a purse. Come on, take a fuckin' walk.
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