Eva Green as "Sibylla" in Kingdom of Heaven (2005):
There will be a day when you will wish you had done a little evil to do a greater good.
Frankie Taglialucci
Frankie Taglialucci
Actor: Adrian Pasdar (age 28 in this movie)
Frankie Taglialucci's Memorable Quotes:
Frankie Taglialucci
David Kleinfeld
[Boarding Kleinfeld's boat]What's with the extra guy?

[referring to Carlito]

Carlito, this is one of Tony's son's, Frankie.Nah, it's Frank.Whatever...NO! What is with the extra guy?Oh I'm sorry, is this your boat? Shut the fuck up, if I wanted help, I brought help.
Frankie Taglialucci
This guy a friend of yours?Yeah, he's a friend of mine.He's a fucking cockroach.
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