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This was no boat accident.
The Quick And The Dead (1995) 15
The Quick And The Dead - Theatrical release poster
Theatrical release poster
Tagline: Think you're quick enough?
Genres: Action | Drama | Western
Released: 10 February 1995 (USA)
Length: 107 min
Rating: 8 out of 10 8 /10
  • It's Sharon Stone, in tight leather pants, with some mad silky smooth kick arse pistol skills.
  • With Gene Hackman, Russel Crowe, Lance Henriksen, Keith David and a funny early role for Leonardo DiCaprio, its a great cast, with some awesome tough-guy dialogue. Leo pulls Stone, and boasts how he thought it was impossible to improve on "perfection"!
  • It's a Western based around a shoot-off tournament to the death, and we get at least 10 classic shoot-offs, all with the close ups on the eyes we've come to expect! It was never intended to go win any Oscars, but it sure is a great western action movie!
Herod (Gene Hackman), Mayor and ruler of Redemption, has turned his town into a haven for thugs and Miscreants of every type. In return for his 'leniency', he keeps 50 cents on every dollar traded by the unsavoury group. Each year, in order to weed out rivals and to protect his position of power, Herod holds a shooting contest, which attracts people from miles around, including his son, "The Kid" (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Cort (Russell Crowe). It is a shoot to kill contest with the prize being a large sum of cash. Herod wins every year, so protecting his position and reputation for being the fastest killer in the West. That is until Ellen (Sharon Stone) rides into town, a six-gun strapped to her hip and revenge burning in her heart. She's fast, furious and her mind is set on winning the ultimate prize of a duel to the death with Herod.
Sgt. Cantrell
Horace the Bartender
Sergeant Cantrell.How do you spell that?Correctly.
Am I fast, or is Sweden just a very small place?
Last night, The Kid. Tonight, Herod. You're a busy woman. Any man in this town you're not interested in?Yeah. You.
Is it possible? Is it possible to improve on perfection?
Ace Hanlon
You wanna play poker with me, little lady?Looks like you're having a pretty good time playing with yourself.
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