Dr. Stanley Goodspeed
Nicolas Cage as "Dr. Stanley Goodspeed" in The Rock (1996):
What do you say we cut the chit-chat, a-hole?
Marine Captain Hendrix
Marine Captain Hendrix
Actor: John C. McGinley (age 36 in this movie)
Marine Captain Hendrix's Memorable Quotes:
Capt. Darrow
Marine Captain Hendrix
Maybe now they'll pay up.Maybe now they won't, captain.Then maybe we need to execute a few hostages.
Brig. Gen. Francis X. Hummel
Marine Captain Hendrix
I guess you haven't completely taken care of the rat problem, Captain.No, sir.Well, there are two dead men here who strongly suggest that you go finish the job.Yes, sir.

[realizing he's being given an order]

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