Eli Wallach as "Tuco" in The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (1966):
I'm looking for the owner of that horse. He's tall, blonde, he smokes a cigar, and he's a pig!
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Once upon a time there was a Golden Era* of movies, movies that defined a generation, that inspired a generation and that created the Golden Generation*.

That Golden Era was a once in a life time period of movies ...

  • that were timeless, that you could watch a hundred times and never get bored,
  • that featured immortal action hero's who were your role models growing up,
  • when Ridley Scott, James Cameron and Steven Spielberg could do no wrong,
  • when Schwarzenegger, Stallone & Van Damme were Kings of the big screen,
  • when watching the original Star Wars trilogy when you were a kid, blew your mind,
  • when watching the The Karate Kid made you beg to join a Martial Arts club,
  • when watching Top Gun as a kid made you apply to the Royal Air Force later in life,
  • when watching E.T. made you believe in life beyond Earth and bikes that could fly,
  • when watching The Shining, The Thing & The Exorcist made you sh!t your pants,
  • when watching Back to the Future made you dream of Hover Boards,
  • when watching Rocky training for the fight made you get on the floor and do pushups,
  • when watching The Goonies made you hunt for treasure in your loft
  • and when watching Jaws made you hesitate going to swim in the sea.

The Golden Era had dialogue that taught us lessons in life, screenplays that showed us the adventure we want in life with deep down morals that taught us the meaning of life.

movieneon.com's concept is to relive the Golden Era, and create the definitive list of must see movies that defined our generation. Join us on our journey as we go back from the future to the past to the Golden Era of movie magic!

* We define the 'Golden Era' as movies released between 1975 and 1995, exceptions may apply if a movie is just that good, that it is worthy of being grouped amongst the other classics.

* We define the 'Golden Generation' as those of us born between 1975 and 1985, that lived and grew up watching the Golden Era of movies. The modern or previous generations will never understand or appreciate just how good it was.

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