Danny Torrance
Danny Lloyd as "Danny Torrance" in The Shining (1980):
[as Tony] Danny isn't here, Mrs. Torrance.
Das Boot (1981) 12
Das Boot - Theatrical release poster
Theatrical release poster
  • Quite simply one of the finest movies ever made. Most people have probably never heard of it as it is a non-english language film made in Germany, that got dubbed for the english audience. It got nominated for 6 Oscars and is in the IMDB Top 100 films ever for a very good reason.
  • It's one of only 3 films that we have given a 10 out of 10 rating to, not something we do lightly. Big respect to the Writer-Director Wolfgang Petersen, who would later go on to direct other greats such as "The Never Ending Story", "In the Line of Fire" and "Air Force One".
  • Jürrgen Prochnow performance as "Capt.-Lt. Henrich Lehmann-Willenbrock" is one of the finest you will ever see.
  • It's the original submarine action-thriller movie, and the one by which all future attempts will be compared to.
  • At over 3 hours long (for the director's cut), it takes a hell of a film to keep you hooked for over 200 minutes, but you WILL be hooked. A must see, especially for war-film fans.
Starring: Jürgen Prochnow, Herbert Grönemeyer, Bernd Tauber and Hubertus Bengsch. Directed by Wolfgang Petersen. A journey to the end of the mind.
[over PA] Now hear this. We're in pursuit of a convoy being tracked by U-32. Expect contact at 1800 hours. That is all.

[the crew cheers]

We'll finally be able to get rid of these beauties! They're all ready for blast-off!
They won't catch us this time! Not this time! They haven't spotted us! No, they're all snoring in their bunks! Or, you know what? They're drinking at the bar, celebrating our sinking! Not yet, my friends. Not yet!
Our patrol planes! Where are they? Answer that one, Herr Goering! The British have plenty of them! Talking big is all he's good for, that fat slob.
[the Captain and Lieutenant Werner escort Thomsen out of the men's room]I... really wanted to screw my brains out. But now, I am in no condition to fuck!It's alright!Sieg Heil!
You have to have good men. Good men, all of them.
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